Cry Worthy First Dance Songs


I did a post a while ago on How to Pick Your First Dance Song but I didn’t give you many examples of amazing songs so I thought it was time for another post.

I find that every year there’s a handful of songs that are just the “songs of the year” for first dances or wedding songs. We wanted to share with you some of our favourite first dance songs of 2015 and some that we think are musts to consider (some are main stream, some are ones you may have never heard before).

 First Dance Songs - Amanda Douglas Events 2Image Source

A couple of tips when picking your song

1) Pick a song that means something to both of you


2) Listen to the lyrics

A lot of songs sound beautiful but the words might not work for you


3) Pick a song that can be cut off

Don’t worry about it being 4-5 minutes long. If it has a good point where you could fade out I say still go ahead and pick that song


4) Pick well in advance.

Listen to the radio, YouTube, Songza and start a list of songs you hear and love. Every month or so have another listen. If you still love it, leave it on the list, if you don’t, take it off. After a few months you’ve have some really great contenders (and you’ll have taken off the pressure of picking last minute)

Now to all the beautiful songs!

A few songs that didn’t make our cut but are still really beautiful (these ones and these too!)


Happy planning!